Demo 360

To arrange for a no obligation, free, demonstration of our 360 assessment system, please contact us on line at or call us on +44 (0) 1462 896959. We will then arrange an online demonstration at a convenient time to suit you. From the moment we issue you with a unique access code to our host site, you will have full access to try out our user friendly, market leading system.

Assessment system designed and developed
  • The 360system will seamlessly guide you through the entire process from entering candidates and setting up your questionnaire, through to report generation.
  • Firstly, decide on the raters (Demo 360 limited to three) you wish to participate in the assessment. Once all their details, including e-mail addresses and parameters have been entered, the 360 system will effortlessly do the rest. The raters will be e-mailed with the assessment, and invited to fill in the same questionnaire as that of the candidate, with provision for free text comments.
  • The 360 system allows the manager to monitor the progress of the assessment having set the start and finish dates. Upon completion of the assessment, a comprehensive report is generated at the click of a button.