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Creating a Survey

The ASL 360 system is a flexible assessment tool that lets you conduct 360 degree reviews so you get crucial, in-depth performance information from across the organization. It provides an impartial insight into employee, staff and managers personal strengths with comprehensive feedback.

The ASL Performance Management Module offers employee performance appraisal and 360 degree feedback modules in one user-friendly Web-based system. Our Performance Management system is a fully-automated, web-based feedback tool for 360-degree surveys. It is also a customisable portal for administering your 360 degree leadership assessments online. Every aspect from the notification to the participants and raters, to the issuance of reminders, and publication of online, real-time performance feedback reports is automated. By removing time-consuming tasks, increasing the integrity of the data and making the administration process easier, you achieve significant savings from your current process.

Assessment system designed and developed
  • Use your database/excel spread sheet for 360 degree questions, rater and competencies or
  • Have Admin access to the portal to create a 360 degree assessment
  • Brand web site with your company name and logo
  • Determine relationship labels
  • Host the website on your network or at our hosting centre
  • Send invitations to all 360 degree assessment participants
  • Send reminders to 360 degree assessment participants and raters
  • Password-protected system ensures data integrity and security
  • Real-time Online 360 Degree Reporting
  • Full customisation of Reports
  • Real-time online reports on an individual participant, or group(s) reports
  • Additional logic, rules, processes and reports can be customised.