Sample of our 360 reports content:
Creating a Survey

We have a range of standard report options which are included in all 3 plans. Alternatively or we can work with you to create a report format to match your requirements, including new measuring matrix, branding, mission statements, action plan and complete development plan.

  • Spidergram - A visual representation of the participant scores, compared with colleagues and peer score
  • Highlights - A summary of the areas in which the participant scored highest.
  • Lowlights - A summary of the areas in which there is an opportunity for improvements.
  • Feedback summaries - A summary of performance against the key competencies.
  • The action plan: An option and opportunity for line manager to define action plan for the participant and monitoring or previous action plan.
Assessment system designed and developed
Spidergram (Sample Screen)
Highlights (Sample Screen)
Lowlights (Sample Screen)
Feedback summaries (Sample Screen)